A Historical Night for the Redskins.

Redskins become 1st team in NFL history with a rookie 2,000+ yard passer and a rookie 1,000+ yard rusher in the same season.  And they win back to back to back division games.  This is the first year ever when my fantasy teams implode BEFORE the Redskins.  Looks like I’ll have something to do for … Continue reading

When life gets tough.

I’ve been selfish lately.  Since the last time we spoke, I’ve endured a gnarly IT band injury on my left knee that has sidelined me from running and most other fitness routines I love.  On an even more personal note, I’ve also endured a little bit of heartbreak, which has sidelined me motivationally.  Life has … Continue reading

Hurts so good

It was a week full of ESPYs, NFL contract negotiations and All-Star Games so I took a break this afternoon to read through my Outside magazine and get my brain off “sports”.  Good luck, right?  I came across an article about Shalane Flanagan.  I remember hearing about her back in January when she earned her … Continue reading

How to REALLY pick up chicks…

Back in July, I wrote this: https://chickslikesportstoo.com/2012/05/12/so-you-come-here-often/, inspired by some true stories.  But apparently, I was wrong.  This, my dear readers, is how you really pick up chicks:  #captainamericaphotocred

Good Intentions

A few of my fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador sisters (don’t know what I’m talking about? Go to fitapproach.com to find out) have been blogging about their summer intentions and I decided to make a list too. This summer, I will: 1). run religiously to train for the Nike Women’s Marathon in October 2). raise over … Continue reading

Breaking Points

At Volare in North Beach.  Sad day for Italy in the Euro2012 finals, but should be proud for making it that far.  Bravo. I’ve noticed a theme lately–a lot of people are talking about breaking points.  I thought about this as I was watching the Italy v. Spain soccer final game in North Beach yesterday. … Continue reading

The Heat won. Now what?

I feel like this season, the NBA just took it to a whole new level.  Whether you hate LeBron, love LeBron, watch NBA, don’t care, your life was probably impacted somehow by the playoffs.  You couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing about it.    It consumed the sports world for a while (wait, who … Continue reading