Posted in August 2010

The Night Before (Fantasy) Draftsmas

Twas the night before draftsmas and all through the city, women were scrambling to make their rosters less shitty/ The fantasy football magazines were flagged and tagged with great care, knowing that 90 seconds gives them no time to spare/ Running backs were listed by total rushing yards, you want Chris Johnson, but at pick #10, it’s … Continue reading

Why Preseason is More Important Than you Think.

You remember those football players from last season?  The Sidney Rices, Julian Edelmans, Leonard Weavers and the Jeremy Maclins? The ones who had breakout years and no one saw it coming?  Well, ALMOST no one saw it coming. Preseason is a time where you can find out information about team chemistry, favorite targets, rookies and new … Continue reading

All good things come to an end?

The Orioles finally lost a game after a 4 game winning streak starting with a sweep over the Angels this past week and then a win over the White Sox.  Yesterday, the Orioles lost.  Showalter’s streak came to an end, as all good things do eventually, as they do in sports, as they do in … Continue reading

This ain’t his first rodeo

Showalter improves the Orioles to 4-0 tonight with a 2-1 win over the Chicago White Sox.  Showalter has a history of taking failing, last place teams and whipping them into shape (Diamondbacks, Rangers…).  His reputation for taking these teams, improving their records, then the following season, making key acquisitions that rocket them right to the … Continue reading