Sarah: Sarah and I used to work in the same law office.  She is definitely one to rival me in sports knowledge (too bad you didn’t get that category when you were on Jeopardy!, Sarah).  Sarah is a big SF Giants fan, hence the name of her own blog, freaky franchise  She needs to start writing again though, so maybe this will light a fire under her.  She’s also a big 49ers fan and has been a fierce competitor in the fantasy football scene for as long as we’ve been friends.  Sarah was the first guest blogger on the site and we hope to hear more from her now that baseball season is upon us!  When Sarah isn’t at AT&T Park, you can find her at a dive bar in Oakland, drinking a PBR in her wayfarers. #hipsterfab

Caption: Taking a break from baseball at Spring Training 2012 in Scottsdale.

Finished with the death hike, now time for drinking.

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