Posted in May 2012

Murph Monday

Burpee challenge not challenging enough for you?  Here’s something for all of you fitness crazies out there—Murph.  I have heard of this crossfit workout before but never dared to try it myself.  It’s named after Navy Lt. Michael Murphy, who was killed in Afghanistan while leading a SEAL mission to capture a Taliban leader.  He … Continue reading

So…you come here often?

This happens to the best of us.  If you ask me if the gym is a great place to meet people, I would say, absolutely not.  Basically, don’t bother me if I’m working out.  Don’t talk to me, don’t interrupt my progress.  I’m in a zone and in no need of distractions.  But if you … Continue reading

The 30-Day Burpee Challenge: The Beginning…

My roommate, Sarah, actually clued me onto this.  It’s fantastic.  Do burpees for 30 days.  Sounds simple, right?  That’s what I thought. The goal is to start off at a challenging level, knowing that each day, it will grow more difficult to complete.  If you start off with one burpee on day 1, you will … Continue reading

ballbeatsandbeer: Chris “Birdman” Andersen has been excused indefinitely from the Nuggets while he is in the midsts of an investigation conducted by the Internet Crimes Against Children Unit of the Denver Police.