Posted in July 2012

Hurts so good

It was a week full of ESPYs, NFL contract negotiations and All-Star Games so I took a break this afternoon to read through my Outside magazine and get my brain off “sports”.  Good luck, right?  I came across an article about Shalane Flanagan.  I remember hearing about her back in January when she earned her … Continue reading

How to REALLY pick up chicks…

Back in July, I wrote this:, inspired by some true stories.  But apparently, I was wrong.  This, my dear readers, is how you really pick up chicks:  #captainamericaphotocred

Good Intentions

A few of my fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador sisters (don’t know what I’m talking about? Go to to find out) have been blogging about their summer intentions and I decided to make a list too. This summer, I will: 1). run religiously to train for the Nike Women’s Marathon in October 2). raise over … Continue reading

Breaking Points

At Volare in North Beach.  Sad day for Italy in the Euro2012 finals, but should be proud for making it that far.  Bravo. I’ve noticed a theme lately–a lot of people are talking about breaking points.  I thought about this as I was watching the Italy v. Spain soccer final game in North Beach yesterday. … Continue reading