Posted in November 2010

The Toilet Bowl

Anyone else watching the Niners/Cards game?  Yeah, I didn’t think so. In the defense of the two worst teams in the worst division in football, the game itself isn’t half bad yet.  It is only the first quarter though…still time to disappoint.

I actually don’t totally agree with Kubiak giving Johnson the game ball after this incident (it was just unnecessary praise for something the NFL clearly frowned upon, even if his performance did deserve it), but I do totally take Johnson’s side in the incident itself.  Finnegan is a true bully, the Titans have proven to play a dirty game time and time again and he deserved to be punched in the face (I would have kicked him in the balls too).  And as a side note….shouldn’t Arian Foster just get the game ball every week now? He’s amazing.

Keep it classy, Texas.

The 7 Spot

Anyone who has known me for any good length amount of time knows at least these two things about me: 1) I’m superstitious and 2) My lucky number is 7.  Next week is when those two things will collide.  I need to avoid the 7 spot. It’s quite simple: the top 6 teams make it … Continue reading

In Defense of Michael Vick

I never ever thought I would write an article about this topic, with this title, with this point of view.  I also never thought that as a dog owner, quite opposed to animal cruelty of any kind and proponent of punishment for things of this nature, such as  dog-fighting, I would speak out in defense … Continue reading

Not such a sweet sweet fantasy, baby

My fantasy season is in turmoil.  I have outscored every other team by such a margin that I am up almost 100 points on the next highest scoring team overall.  Yet I can’t seem to win my match-ups.  I have wont two straight now and am really hoping that this week will help my play-off … Continue reading

The Year of the QB…

Last year was the year of the Quarterback in the sense that the best teams out there had the best quarterbacks out there (with the exception of the Jets sneaking in there with rookie-ish Sanchez).  The Colts, the Saints, the Vikings, the Packers.    But this year is also the year of the quarterback.  It’s … Continue reading

The Unthinkable

I was at Barclay’s, a sportsbar near my house in Oakland watching Game 5 of the World Series.  It was a Monday and the Giants and Rangers were playing in Texas.  Lincecum was pitching v. Cliff Lee.  Game 1 was also Lincecum and Lee, and the Freak (Tim Lincecum) beat Lee in a pure pitcher’s … Continue reading