When life gets tough.

I’ve been selfish lately.  Since the last time we spoke, I’ve endured a gnarly IT band injury on my left knee that has sidelined me from running and most other fitness routines I love.  On an even more personal note, I’ve also endured a little bit of heartbreak, which has sidelined me motivationally.  Life has just been one big bitch-slap to me lately but it has come to make me realize that I need to get back to the things I love…which is writing to all of you.  And someone recently sent me this:Image


and it’s a fabulous reminder of one’s own ability to endure more than you think you can.  So go ahead and take some time off, and the things that are most important to you in life will be there for you when you return.  So to all of you, thanks for sticking by me and being patient as my life decided to get in the way.  

That being said, we have lots of amazing content being prepared for the blog for the relaunch in 2013.  This includes updated forums, interactive challenges and competitions, guest interviews with some really rad chicks (and maybe some dudes…), guest bloggers thinking outside the box and bringing a little kick to the site, new partnerships with other organizations and….the official announcement of my super secret side project. You won’t want to miss 2013.  I hope it punches 2012 in the face.  Like, for real.

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