Posted in December 2010

Free Bird

During the Independence Bowl the other day, the Air Force’s mascot, a live falcon named Ace, flew away.  Before the Bowl, the falcon was released, and was supposed to circle the stadium in downtown Shreveport and come back.  He was released, and circled the stadium, but did not come back.  Instead, he flew away.   … Continue reading

The Belt

It stays with me.  I won this year’s fantasy football league.  I am the champ, and boy does it feel good.

I thought trash day was Tuesday

In Elmwood, Berkeley, where I live, the garbage collectors come early Tuesday morning.  The sound of trash compactors and the rolling wheels of bins against the sidewalk, bumping up against the curb is what I wake up to.  Apparently, Maryland throws their trash out on Monday.  The Athletic Department made a big mistake though.  They … Continue reading

One bad sack spoils the bunch

Just finished watching the Packers/Pats game.  Matt Flynn, a virtual unknown and backup to Aaron Rodgers played his little heart out.  It was a great effort against the juggernaut that is the New England Patriots.  But Flynn gets sacked for a loss and then can’t call a play at the line of scrimmage quick enough and … Continue reading

Is it too early to celebrate?

I’m up by 48 and my opponent has only 5 minutes left in the Pats/Packers game with Gronk, kicker and Branch.  Tomorrow she has Webb (I was going to use the old QB/WR as a WR trick, but I decided I didn’t want to drop anyone, and she picked him up the next day).  Too … Continue reading

I once was a kid, all I had was a dream…

Sproles, MJD, Welker, Branch, Ray Rice, DeSean, now Woodhead.  It’s all about the shorties.  Ok, and of course, I have to mention Brandon Banks, a Redskin and a new addition to the “short and mighty club”. It’s funny because, as a kid (a short kid), you realize your limitations early in life.  You can never … Continue reading

My own Brett Favre story

Not that I’m a huge Brett Favre fan, but I probably remember being a fan since the time I was 12.  The year was 1993, I was in 6th grade.  My class did this year-long project where we would pretend to live in a pretend town somewhere, hold jobs, learn how to balance checkbooks, be … Continue reading

The Semi

I made it past the first round of play-offs.  I have to keep reminding myself that last year, I was a #2 seed going in, so I had a bye week the first week, so it’t not that big of an accomplishment.  But considering I didn’t even think I would get into the play-offs (hey, … Continue reading

All good things must come to an end.

I guess it’s true what they say.  Brett Favre’s consecutive start streak comes to an end at a whopping 297.  Sad that a lot will remember Favre for the drama, the controversy, the interceptions from this season and not for the true icon that he is.  I may not be a Packers fan (or a … Continue reading