Posted in June 2010

Root, root, root for the home team…

People like professional sports teams for strange reasons.  Someone’s dad used to live in New York, so they like the Yankees even though they’ve lived in California all their lives.  Someone’s first boyfriend was a Cowboys fan, so despite living in Chicago, you are donning a Romo jersey.  The best ever is the situation where … Continue reading

The Rules of the Game

During this World Cup time, I have been thinking (and blogging) a lot about fairness.  The officiating in this World Cup is some of the worst I have seen and it makes you wonder why video replay hasn’t made its way into the international arena yet.  Upon watching this morning’s games it really dawned on … Continue reading

You Can’t Go Home Again

I realized this once already in 2004 when I attempted to go back to college after taking a year off to be a ski bum and live in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.  I thought coming back to Maryland for my last semester would be a blast.  Wouldn’t it be great to see all those friends again? … Continue reading

What Goes Around…

Watching the World Cup this year has made me think a little about karma.  In USA’s Group games against Slovenia and Algeria, there were a number of terrible calls by the refs.  Imaginary offsides, not calling blatant holds, disallowed goals.  It should have kept the USA out of the elimination round, but it didn’t.  Let’s … Continue reading

Is there too much drama in futbol?

This issue has been evident to me for some time now.  I remember watching the World Cup 4 years ago in June when the United States played Italy.  At the time, I was living in North Beach, the “Little Italy” neighborhood of San Francisco.  The street blocks were full of people and  adrenaline was running … Continue reading