Posted in April 2010

I hate Dallas so much, I even made a shirt.  I also own a “Yankees suck” shirt that I got from Boston in 2003.  I am surprised I don’t already own some sort of Anti-Duke shirt.  I should fix that next basketball season.  The next piece of sports clothing I plan on purchasing is a … Continue reading

I found this, going through my old boxes the other day.  It’s my old college newspaper, the Diamonback, from April 2001.  It shows Gary Williams cutting down the nets after the Terps won the regional finals in the 2001 tournament.  I was a sophomore at the time.  The very next year, Maryland won the whole … Continue reading

Though I’m not a Cal fan (or a Pac-10 fan at all), I did think it was pretty cool that I got to watch the game from the Press Box last fall thanks to my neighbor, Katie

We made NFL shirts for Lo’s 31st birthday in San Jose.  They had the team logo on the front and our nicknames and birth years on the back.  Mine was a bright yellow/gold shirt with the Redskins logo on the front and “STEAKS” “81” on the back.