Posted in July 2010

Breaking up is hard to do

LeBron James has prided himself on being a fairly decent human being (and pretty good basketball player), until he decided to screw over Cleveland.  The entire city hates him, wearing a LeBron HEAT jersey is cause for a beat-down, and frankly, the rest of the country isn’t too keen on him either.  All of that … Continue reading

Back-up QBs need undies too

Tim Tebow is the new “face” of Jockey.  Ok, so I’m not a huge Tebow fan.  I have made my fair share of jokes at Timmy’s expense.  However, I think this is one that we have to just let slide.  A lot of athletes have contracts and sponsorships.  Are we forgetting about Michael Jordan and … Continue reading

The tribe has spoken…

I just learned that Jimmy Johnson, former head coach of the Cowboys (yuck), is going to be on TV this fall….no, not just on Fox NFL Sundays, but also on Survivor: Nicaragua.  Seriously?!  That was my first reaction, at least.  But the rumors seems pretty solid.  This is going to be worse than another “Johnson”, … Continue reading

If at first you don’t succeed…

…try, try again. Word on the street is Washington Redskins defensive tackle, Albert Haynesworth failed the new conditioning test not once, but twice.  Apparently, Haynesworth is having trouble running 25-yd shuttles fast enough.  These tests aren’t a walk in the park for a guy Haynesworth’s size, but it isn’t his size that’s holding him back—it’s … Continue reading

The Hangover

Again, a blog post title which sounds like I’m going to be reviewing a movie, but again, that would be incorrect. This is a very appropriate title for today though.  I went out with some coworkers last night to a work event in the city.  Needless to say, it went on for much longer than … Continue reading

A League of Their Own

No, I’m not going to talk about the movie (even though that movie was pretty awesome).  I’m going to talk about fantasy football…again (am I boring you yet)? Today, I had lunch (and cupcakes) with my friend Dave.  Dave is a sports buff and one of my close friends from law school.  He is part … Continue reading

It is what you make of it

Yesterday, my entire office closed shop early to hang out at the park by the lake, have a picnic and play some sports.  I organized a game of touch football (two hand touch of course), staff v. interns.  The sprite, young, energetic and athletic interns were all about it, but there was some difficulty recruiting … Continue reading

Russell to the UFL?

Did I just hear that right?  The former #1 draft pick turned total bust might be joining the UFL?  JaMarcus Russell, an Omaha Nighthawk?  And what a crazy, ironic turn of events which lead us here…as Jason Campbell, former Redskin takes Russell’s job, forcing him into oblivion.  So sad, and such is life.

Crazy pants

“Daly’s game did not reflect the awesomeness of his pants”.  John Daly strikes again in his “comeback” to golf.  Most people know him best for his drinking problems (an Arnold Palmer lemonade/iced tea drink becomes a John Daly if you add vodka), and not necessarily for his strong golf swing (I became familiar with this … Continue reading

To Bobble-head or not to Bobble-head

My friend Sarah invited me to the Giants/Mets game, knowing that I am a Mets fan, and also in a thinly veiled attempt to get me to cheer up after my latest relationship blunder.  My intern told me that this Saturday was Tim Lincecum Bobblehead night, quite the hot commodity.  I told Sarah I wasn’t … Continue reading