Shoes Over Beers

Welcome to Shoes Over Beers: Girl Talk Gone Rogue

Back in November 2012, my former roommate and resident running shoe guru, Sarah was texting me about some life updates and…well…running shoe updates as well.  I was asking her all kinds of questions about any updates to my beloved Mizuno Wave Creations and what kind of trail running shoes would be best for me.  She suggested we talk shoes over beers.  And thus, Shoes Over Beers was born.

This is a place where we will post events and updates to learn about all things sports and active fitness related, straight from the experts.  Want to know about the newest technology in ski boot technology straight from the best bootfitters in the Bay Area?  Have questions for our resident running shoe guru about the next year’s line-up?  Curious as to how to break into triathalon endurance events?  Just ask someone who trains athletes for a living.  You get the idea.  Get the goods from those who know what they’re talking about.

Come on in, take your shoes off and stay a while.  Let’s talk.

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