Feed Your X Games Envy and Follow GoodPeople

Like me, you might be suffering from a little X Games envy right now.  When I lived in Colorado, I had the opportunity to attend my very first Winter X Games in 2005.  Since then, each year passes and I lie to myself: “You’ll make it back next year”, and I don’t.  Instead, I settle for sub-par blogging and basic score updates from mainstream sport feeds.  But this year, I’m in luck–our very own Rachel F. is at the X-Games and is bringing us a play-by-play through GoodPeople (http://www.goodpeople.com/).  While tweets and photos are no substitute for being there in person, Rachel’s updates will make sure you don’t miss out on the important stuff as well as the cool details that so many sports feeds leave out.

Follow all the action on GoodPeople (facebook), @GoodPeople (twitter) and @GoodPeopleLife (instagram).

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