Posted in January 2011

Not too cool for school

Luck stays at Stanford.  Big win for the Cardinal and a crap shoot for Luck.  Let’s hope he performs next year at a high level so he doesn’t lose traction in the draft prospect department.  But good for him—a degree from Stanford is nothing to toss aside.

Getting Luck

Everyone is talking about Stanford.  When they aren’t talking about Jim Harbaugh leaving Stanford to go to (well, everyone thinks they’re coming to their franchise…I think he’s going to the 49ers, where there is talent and where he gets to stay in the Bay Area and doesn’t have to share the NFC with his brother, … Continue reading

How big of a fan ARE you, anyways?

Over Christmas, the Redskins were playing a game against the Panthers.  Neither team had much to lose or gain, except a little respect.  I wanted to watch.  My boyfriend wanted to watch the Browns/Ravens game, an almost guaranteed blow-out.  We only have one game availability on our Direct TV Sunday Ticket remote that posts to … Continue reading