Challenge by Choice

While mentoring with GirlVentures, they have this concept called “challenge by choice”.  It means that you should challenge yourself, but only by your own willingness to push your limits and not by others pushing you.  So here’s a list of awesome ways to choose to challenge your mind, body and soul.  Anyone who wants me to document their journeys, please email me at

1. 30 Day Burpee Challenge: start with a burpee, tomorrow do two, the next day do three, and keep going till you hit the end of the month.  Need a bigger challenge?  Try pushup burpees, or start with five or ten.  There’s no limit to the power of the burpee.

2. Pushups for charity: need an idea to raise money for your next team in training event?  Try doing pushups for tips during your guest bartending or other fundraising event.  It’s all about showing what you’ll do to earn the dough.

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