Posted in April 2012

obamaonbasketball: One more game of H-O-R-S-E….yes I know, I know, but the prime minister can wait another 10 minutes.

Alex’s NBA Eastern Conference Preview

Sooo, last night I was too busy watching the NFL Draft and to publish this blog post from guest blogger, Alex.  Therefore, when he says tonight, it was actually yesterday.  I just left the blog untouched so you can see his awesome predictions come true before your very eyes.  But then again, I’m pretty sure … Continue reading

Silent Spring

Chicks Like Sports Too is starting its “Silent Spring” campaign starting sometime in the next couple of weeks. Not only will I try to raise awareness about environmental issues through the clever use of the title from Rachel Carson’s 1962 book about the danger of pesticides, but the blog will be featuring more guest bloggers and … Continue reading