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It feels like Christmas morning.  I hope Santa knows I was a very very good girl this year and I do not want a Cam Newton shaped lump of coal in my stocking. 

I can’t remember if I ever reblogged this post from a friend’s blog way back when, but I was combing through my archives and found this gem: So here it is, to all of us smartypants (slightly nerdy) sportsfans out there, this one’s for you.   And by the way, notice the eerie prediction of the Bryan Stow incident…creepy, real creepy.  Ok, so it wasn’t really a prediction, but apparently, some truth to her statements after all. And to those of you who can’t figure out my blog layout, that gray box up there, that’s the link you have to click on (hey, we never claimed to be geniuses here). 

Dumb Jock (from freaky franchise blog)

Sidebar and then Draft-talk

Being a lawyer, I thought I would take the opportunity to be a huge dork and just use as much legal jargon as possible the past few posts.  So now, I introduce the concept of the sidebar.  Sidebar can refer to either an event or an area (I’m really not sure which), when attorneys approach … Continue reading

Jenny! It's Claire who you haven't seen since GGU but we are FB friends lol. I'm sitting here watching the Canucks game and remembered you mentioning a sports blog so I searched for it! Your writing is really smart and entertaining – I'm adding you to my reader. Have a great week!

That’s fabulous!  Always glad to have another reader (especially a “chick who likes sports”).  Feel free to add any suggestions of stuff you want to read about…I’m pretty all over the board.  Hope all is well! PS: You run, right?  I think I’m doing my first half marathon this year and am trying to train. … Continue reading

The Rebuttal

Like any good lawyer, I know a good rebuttal when I hear one.  Recently, I wrote a series of blog posts about how much I didn’t like the Ravens.  And a rebuttal showed up in my inbox this morning.  Lawyerly speaking, this person does not know and did not give me express authorization to republish, … Continue reading

Happy Birthday

Yesterday was this blog’s very first birthday.  It was an amazing trip around the sun to take with all of you and I look forward to many more. We all remember different things about this past year, but this is what stands out for me: I remember DVR-ing the World Cup, watching it before I … Continue reading

A Dirty Little Not-so-Secret Trend

I thought I was ahead of the curve last year when I took interest in doing something called a Mud Run.  It’s essentially a race, with some obstacles, and through mud.  But this year, it has been brought to my attention that these events now qualify as being “trendy”—apparently everyone is doing them.  And though … Continue reading

Will the Skins stay at 10?

Currently the Redskins have the following picks in the 2011 Draft: Rd1 Pick 10 (10 overall) Rd2 Pick 9 (41) Rd5 Pick 13 (144) Rd5 Pick 24 (155) Rd6 Pick 12 (177) Rd7 Pick 10 (213) Rd 7 Pick 21 (224) Rd 7 Pick 50 (253) My thinking, originally was, yes, the Redskins need a … Continue reading