Posted in June 2012

The Heat won. Now what?

I feel like this season, the NBA just took it to a whole new level. ¬†Whether you hate LeBron, love LeBron, watch NBA, don’t care, your life was probably impacted somehow by the playoffs. ¬†You couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing about it. ¬† ¬†It consumed the sports world for a while (wait, who … Continue reading

The Commish Has Left The Building.

For years now, I have been running NCAA pools, Superbowl squares and of course, fantasy football leagues. ¬†I have had ups and downs throughout my years of running leagues. ¬†I’ve blogged about it many times. ¬†Last season was particularly hard. ¬†Not only was it the only year I did not win, but I endured a … Continue reading

It Isn’t Easy Being Alpha: Part Two

My last post came off sort of like a women’s empowerment PSA on the unfairness of being labeled an “Alpha”. ¬†After I wrote it, I received my Outside magazine and ESPN magazine in the mail and realized that ¬†I am in great company and wanted to write another post to discuss the topic further. ¬†So … Continue reading

It Isn’t Easy Being Alpha: Part One

I was recently accused of being something called an, “Alpha¬†Female”. ¬†I think this was meant to be slightly insulting since it followed an exchange where I refused to blindly follow one of my friends into the wilderness of the Berkeley hills without myself also looking at the GPS map. ¬†I dislike labels, especially ones that … Continue reading

Have a little faith

Last month, I read an article on Jabari Parker. ¬†Parker is a high school senior at Simeon Career Academy in Chicago. We can talk about his stellar stats and elite athleticism that make people believe that he’s the best high school basketball player since LeBron James. ¬†We can talk about his humble nature, mature personality … Continue reading