Posted in January 2012

Tough Mudder–birthday edition

I am signing up for my second Tough Mudder, which comes only 4 days after my 31st birthday.  Anyone that knows me and has discussed “age” with me knows that I think that age don’t mean a thang, unless you’re 31.  31 is my “scary age”.  Everyone has one and most of the times, they … Continue reading

Bold predictions for the day

Pats over Ravens Niners over G-men. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I am actually rooting for the Ravens to pull through today despite my predictions. But if it is Niners and Ravens in the Superbowl, the purple gets thrown out the window and I’m loving me some San Francisco pride.

Still got it

My predictions came true yesterday so I’ll go ahead and try this again. Morning game will be a close one, I think. And I’m not letting emotions or my hatred for the ravens bias me… I’m even wearing purple today… Because… The Ravens will prevail over the Texans. I like the game Houston plays. I … Continue reading

Playoff time

I know, you and I have a lot of catching up to do. I’ve missed nearly all of football season, the break of the NBA lockout, Reyes leaving the Mets and almost every other important or otherwise trivial sports story in the past few months. I’m a bad blogger- but let me explain. Priorities. I … Continue reading