Still got it

My predictions came true yesterday so I’ll go ahead and try this again.

Morning game will be a close one, I think. And I’m not letting emotions or my hatred for the ravens bias me… I’m even wearing purple today… Because… The Ravens will prevail over the Texans. I like the game Houston plays. I like Arian Foster as an exemplary player, for his amazing story as an undrafted rookie to top RB in the league, and for his outstanding character on and off the field. I think that team did a lot of good this season, but this is that time in the playoffs where it will come down to who is the better team. And I think that’s Baltimore. They have a fierce defense, brutalizing running game and Flacco, a physical QB who is getting better every year. I think they could get in trouble against the Texans, but in the end, their defense is going to step it up in a major Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, T Suggs sort of way. The murderer per locker room ratio is high in Baltimore, so don’t mess with the purple today.

The next game is simpler. Green Bay will spank the Giants. Yes there will be a lot of Victor Cruz hiding in blown secondary coverage by the Pack but Green Bay can do no wrong in my eyes today. New York will fall apart and prove that the NFC East was pretty weak this year after all.

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