Playoff time

I know, you and I have a lot of catching up to do. I’ve missed nearly all of football season, the break of the NBA lockout, Reyes leaving the Mets and almost every other important or otherwise trivial sports story in the past few months. I’m a bad blogger- but let me explain. Priorities. I had a relationship that was going well, a job that was keeping me busy and not a care in the world. Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but let’s just say circumstances have changed and you and I will be spending much more quality time together from here on out.

And what better time than the NFL playoffs? Everyone’s got Niner fever here in the bay area, but can they get past the saints who put up impossibly good offensive numbers against the lions last week? Niners defense has kept them afloat along with Alex Smith’s mediocre arm (everyone is giving him praise now but I still maintain he’s not a very good quarterback considering these were the same people who I witnessed last season at the Eagles Niners game start to chant “we want Carr” calling for Smith’s backup in the third quarter of the miserably lopsided game. So, can they do it? My sources say yes. While the Niners lack deep coverage for the long passes, which is the Drew Brees soup of the day, I think the San Francisco defense will throw the Saints off the rest of their game early and I’m calling for at least one Brees interception. Plus, the Niners have home field advantage (not that that matters given the fact Candlestick can’t even figure out how to keep the lights on during a game).

Ok, next. How about Denver and New England? Tebow mania is sweeping the world. He has become a phenomenon for no other reason than no one thought he could do anything at quarterback and he’s somehow proving everyone wrong- sort of. Is it Tebow winning games or is it Tebow on a winning team? Does it even matter? Tim Tebow brings that THING to a team. Let’s call it faith. And when a team has faith, they start playing up to their abilities. I think Tebow is likable, I think he’s a motivator, and well, if anyone can claim it, he’s got the big guy on his side. Sooo, the Broncos are actually having a good season, dare I say it, because of Tebow, but not just because his ability on the field, but the larger than life story that comes along with putting him at quarterback. The broncos are out to stand behind their QB and prove naysayers wrong, whereas they may have just rolled over and played dead for anyone else. BUT- they play the Patriots today. The Pats have Brady, they create matchup problems due to both Gronk and Hernandez at tight end, both proving to be equally elite receivers. Brady has a plethora of options to throw to. Everyone is so busy covering Welker, they forget about nearly everyone else, and Tom Brady is a punisher when it comes to blown coverage. He has such precision, and makes you pay for your mistake. But the Pats showed a chink in their armor a few times this season, the latest being against the Redskins a few weeks ago. They almost lost the game to a below average team because of… Wait for it.. A terrible Tom Brady throw where he lofted it up in the end zone for a critical redskins interception. Now, it is to the redskins ineptitude and not the Patriots credit that the skins did not capitalize on the costly turnover. But it was proof that the Patriots and Tom Brady- mr perfect- can make mistakes, and do. But that doesn’t change my predictions. Tebows heartwarming story and god-fearing ways wot carry the Broncos here. Pats win.

I’ll save my other predictions for later. Let’s see how this plays out and have a happy sports Saturday! NFL on Saturday, gotta love it.

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