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Cam, one year later

A year ago, I wasn’t that nice to Cam Newton.  I said that drafting him first would be a big mistake.  I definitely called him stupid and a poor quarterback many a times.  Now that he had a relatively successful rookie year, do I take it back?   

Find the win. NFL Schedule 2012 edition

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen…  Let’s play….Find the win! Yesterday, the 2012 NFL schedule was released (and over analyzed).  Now comes the fun part (mostly looking at which teams are going to get screwed over this season)—finding those lowly teams a win in those tough schedules.  Naturally, this means looking at the Redskins schedule … Continue reading

NFL 2012 Schedule

It’s going to be released tonight, with much anticipation.  Here are some things to remember, courtesy of ESPN: The division plays every team in the AFC West and NFC East. Everybody gets at least one primetime game now that the NFL Network Thursday night schedule runs the full season. There are three playoff rematches for … Continue reading

This is hilarious to me and I’m not even a Florida State fan (I’m just a fan of Old Spice). sportsaccordingtoagirl: LoL! This is hilarious.