Will the Skins stay at 10?

Currently the Redskins have the following picks in the 2011 Draft:

Rd1 Pick 10 (10 overall)

Rd2 Pick 9 (41)

Rd5 Pick 13 (144)

Rd5 Pick 24 (155)

Rd6 Pick 12 (177)

Rd7 Pick 10 (213)

Rd 7 Pick 21 (224)

Rd 7 Pick 50 (253)

My thinking, originally was, yes, the Redskins need a franchise quarterback, badly.  But we have so many ridiculous deficiencies, I think the strategy has to be, if you’re staying at 10, take the BEST AVAILABLE PLAYER.  I don’t care if it’s a wide receiver, if he’s the best, you take him.  But I think there is a better play and FINALLY the media seems to be picking up on it in their draft analysis.  Shanny needs to trade down and maybe he can get a late first rounder and third rounder for the #10.  At #10, at least 2 of top 4 rookie QBs will still be on the board.  Cam will likely be gone (god, hopefully the Skins won’t pick him up…come on Carolina, you can do it!—though as a side note, some people are thinking that the Panthers won’t draft Cam for personal reasons…hmm, maybe Gabbert to Carolina.)  Everyone is putting Blaine Gabbert at #2 (if not #1) in QB rankings, so he might be gone as well. 

But even if one of them was still left on the board at 10, who would want to move up to get them?  The Jags at 16?  Maybe the Seahawks, who because of their twist of fate playoff ending to the season end up picking late in the first.  My thinking is the Skins might have to stay at 10, mostly because I can’t imagine another team having needs that could only be met by moving up…but I still have a few scenarios to play out, so don’t quote me on it yet.   

Sidenote: If you look at the gaping hole in the draft board, I believe it’s because we’re still paying the Eagles for the McNabb blunder.  And we got nothing for Jason Campbell (correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it was all conditional on him being good…which he wasn’t).  The Redskins are in the need of a QB, I’m not denying it, I’m just saying, this is not the year for flashy moves.  Stick to the plan and build it back slowly.

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