A Dirty Little Not-so-Secret Trend

I thought I was ahead of the curve last year when I took interest in doing something called a Mud Run.  It’s essentially a race, with some obstacles, and through mud.  But this year, it has been brought to my attention that these events now qualify as being “trendy”—apparently everyone is doing them.  And though I’ve never been one to follow trends (teenage years do not count, I know you’re thinking, wait, I know she had one of those awful [enter terrible 90’s trend here] back then), I think I’m ready to get dirty with this one.  I’m going to do one in Chico in September.  

Now for the advanced level (and I’m talking…you better be able to hang if you choose to do something like this)—there is apparently this one event circuit called “Tough Mudder” (http://toughmudder.com/) which has taken mud runs to the extreme, pumped them full of ridiculous obstacles and impossibly hard mental toughness challenges (drinking hot sauce and walking through fire anyone?)—but in the end, it’s all about teamwork.  I don’t know, am I insane to think that one of these actually might be fun?  I think I’ll definitely need to um…get in shape before I even remotely think of ever trying one of these, but if by chance, the cross fit Oakland people take me under their wing and I actually feel like I could do this, then I will.  Plus, I sort of like to be pushed to my limits.  And if it doesn’t kill me (which it might), it will just make me stronger or at least prouder.  So…maybe a two year training schedule for this one?  At least by then, it won’t be trendy anymore.  See y’all in 2013.

In the meantime, I’ll stick with my other training…10K in June (um, I better get on that), Rib-eating contest in September (maybe…) and Half Marathon in October. I know what you’re thinking….rib-eating contest?  Yeah, I might not do that one for real, but how cool would it be to see some 94 pound chick up there with the boys?  Maybe my asian ancestry will carry me through on my quest to become a competitive eater.  Probably not.  

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