Sidebar and then Draft-talk

Being a lawyer, I thought I would take the opportunity to be a huge dork and just use as much legal jargon as possible the past few posts.  So now, I introduce the concept of the sidebar.  Sidebar can refer to either an event or an area (I’m really not sure which), when attorneys approach the judge’s bench and discuss things that the jurors and others in the room can’t hear.  So just stay with me here…

I don’t make it a habit to post people’s questions and comments, so don’t everyone flip out on me.  Claire—I posted yours because I think it’s great that someone I know from law school is so incredibly rad to be watching hockey and thought of my blog.  So I wanted to publish it.  I hope you don’t mind.  But I won’t make a habit of publishing things from other people without permission (the last post (Rebuttal) where I actually claim that I would do the opposite was clearly a joke).

I only mention this because I get some questions about actual sports stuff, from actual women who want to know more but don’t want to ask their husbands (or wikipedia, apparently), so they ask me.  I promise, to those of you who do this, I won’t publish your questions.  Surprisingly enough (for those of you who know me personally), I actually understand the concept of discretion.

So, with that sidebar to my friend Claire, I would like to resume to normally scheduled programming:

Realizing that there are a million things going on right now in sports, I am squarely focused on two: Stanley Cup playoffs and the NFL Draft.  Sorry, but you NBA kids and early season baseball fans will have to wait until at least the end of the week, when I can take draft analysis off the table.

I’m hoping the Caps, after their decent start, don’t implode like they normally do during play-offs.  I am also hoping that the Skins don’t draft Cam.  I’m not really asking for much.  Ok, we can talk about hockey later (mostly because it’s 1am, I just finished working for the night and my brain feels like mush).  But I do have one thing to say about Cam.  I’m confused.  He should not be number 1.  Auburn did not entrust him to run his own plays.  He may be physical but so is Locker.  While his “character issues” aren’t really an issue for me personally, who knows who he will develop into off the field in five years.  You can tolerate that from a WR or a DE, but you can’t tolerate that lack of off the field leadership from a young QB.  Quarterbacks are supposed to be the glue.  Also, I’m sorry, but I’ve seen a few interviews with this guy and he does not come off as very bright (I hate to jump to that conclusion, but it is what it is).  How about we stop over-valuing college players with the knowledge that so many things go into being a good NFL player.  

I hope I am eating my words in six months when Cam proves me wrong, but for now, this is my story and I’m sticking to it.  I think Gabbert is better.  If Locker didn’t have such an inconsistent past year, I would have said he was the best overall.  Both of those guys seem smarter and more engaged in their role as a quarterback.  I’m not saying I’m going to be thrilled if the Redskins stay at 10 and draft any of these guys (I’m sticking to my opinion that they should trade down), but I think there are better choices than the projected #1, is all I’m saying.

Speaking of the Redskins trading down, I’ve really been thinking about who they would trade down with.  This guy I know, who is a Patriots fan, said that perhaps the Pats would want to trade up to get Quinn or Miller.  The problem with being at 10 is that anyone who would trade up to get a player or position that they want would have to really go higher than 10.  I doubt Quinn or Miller will be there at 10 (Miller definitely no.  Quinn is a possibility at 10).  I just don’t know if that would be worth it for any team.  Maybe.  If anyone has any thoughts, let me know…the question being:

Who, if any, could trade up and take the Skins pick at 10 for maybe a late first and third rounder?  And who would they actually get at 10 that they wouldn’t get later?

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