I don’t think we’re in Gainesville anymore…

Little rookie Timmy Tebow has a boo-boo.  It went something like this.  Tebow runs with the ball right into a wall of defensive linemen.  A knee or a head must have gone into his midsection and he emerges, with his first NFL injury (I’m not counting that horrid hazing haircut) to his rib.  And just like that, he was side-lined.

First, someone should tell Tebow that he’s not in the SEC anymore.  He’s in the NFL, and it’s not just the acronym that’s different.  Everyone is bigger and they’re meaner.  They’re IN the NFL which means this is their career.  Some of those linemen he was going up against in college are now paralegals or construction workers or elementary school teachers.  Most of them aren’t in the NFL because they weren’t big enough, mean enough, they didn’t hit hard enough and have that thirst for blood, the one that defensive linemen need to have.  The instinct that zeros in on whoever has the ball, and namely the Quarterback, and wants to KILL them, like a bull to a red cape.  Tebow clearly has gotten a taste of how much the NFL can hurt, both your ribs and your ego.

Second, I know the guy wants to be a risk taker and some people are praising such gutsy moves, but those gutsy moves are the ones that land you in the hospital, on the IR and out of a job in the NFL.  Remember last season when Mark Sanchez refused to slide feet first?  It was like, use your head, but NOT your head.  Tebow needs to understand that this is his career now, whether he likes it or not, and that he needs to make smart decisions in the future if he’s going to have a starting position on the team.

If he doesn’t wise up, his career in the NFL is going to be over before it starts.

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