This ain’t his first rodeo

Showalter improves the Orioles to 4-0 tonight with a 2-1 win over the Chicago White Sox.  Showalter has a history of taking failing, last place teams and whipping them into shape (Diamondbacks, Rangers…).  His reputation for taking these teams, improving their records, then the following season, making key acquisitions that rocket them right to the tops of their division, should frighten other teams in the NL East.  I mean, the Orioles were just a bunch of clowns in baseball hats, but now, they are improving under Showalter, and as a result, gaining confidence that is essential to compete with alpha dogs in their division, namely the Yanks and Bo Sox.  

It’s obviously too premature to make any predictions about the future of the O’s, but at least it looks like they’re on the right track.  Good luck, birds.

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