The 30-Day Burpee Challenge: The Beginning…

My roommate, Sarah, actually clued me onto this.  It’s fantastic.  Do burpees for 30 days.  Sounds simple, right?  That’s what I thought.

The goal is to start off at a challenging level, knowing that each day, it will grow more difficult to complete.  If you start off with one burpee on day 1, you will add a second on day 2, and so on.  By day 30, you will be doing 30 burpees.  And there are different kinds of burpees.  Ok, ok, I’ll back up.  A burpee is an exercise where you begin in a standing position, then squat and put your hands on the ground in front of your feet.  Next, kick your legs back at the same time to bring yourself to a full form high plank position. Kick your legs back in to the squat position you were in previously, then stand up.  That’s the basic burpee.  It’s also not the burpee I have grown to know and love.  That one goes like this: 

Start standing
Drop to a squat and place your hands on the ground
Kick back into a full form high plank
Do one pushup (maybe two if you’re really feeling good)
Kick back into a squat position
As you come up from the squat, jump as high as you can, arms extended overhead in the air (I guess you can clap, but not necessary)

And there are even more modifications.  A friend of mine does his pushups alternating with one handed pushups for strength and one legged pushups for core stability.  Basically, you can make them as easy or difficult as you would like them to be.  Basic burpees are fine too.  

So, Sarah got me to do this challenge.  It’s a 30 day commitment and I have gotten an overwhelming response (thank you, #SweatPink community!) from people who also want to participate.  The best thing about this is, you can do them anywhere and they don’t take up that much time, don’t require special equipment, and quite frankly, make you look like a total badass.  So, let’s get this started right.

It’s only right that I track everyone’s progress the best I can.  I’ll be doing a Day 1 post featuring some of the people who are participating.  If you would like to participate, email me at with the answers to the Day 1 questions.  For features of all the participants, please follow chicks like sports too on Facebook!

Here’s the official link to the challenge.  Hope to see you all in 30 days, looking and feeling great!  Peace, love and burpees.

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