Not only was Cory Booker a college athlete, but he’s a kick ass mayor AND apparently, a superhero.  Well played, New Jersey.


Ryan Gosling One-Up of the Day: Cory Booker, the popular mayor of Newark, NJ, has burnished his reputation by saving a woman from a burning building.

A roundup of the day’s best Booker headlines from around the Internets:

  • “CORY BOOKER: Hero mayor saves Twitter from discussing Hilary Rosen story” (brooklynmutt)
  • “Cory Booker Reminds Us All He’s Still a Superhero” (newsfeed)
  • “Cory Booker (D-Krypton) Runs Into a Burning Building” (thinkprogress)
  • “Full-Service Newark Mayor Rescues Woman From Fire, Becomes Meme” (hypervocal)
  • “Meme of the morning: #corybookerstories (shortformblog)

Booker visits Piers Morgan tonight to discuss the rescue, in addition to gun laws and the Trayvon Martin case.


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