The Final Frontier

“Men are clinging to football on a level we aren’t even are of.  For centuries, we ruled everything, and now, in the last ten minutes, there are all these incursions by women.  It’s our Alamo.” Tony Kornheiser

Whatever you want to call it, the Alamo, Space—the final frontier, the last stand, whatever, I’m there.

Two years ago, I won my fantasy football league in an all-female team in a male dominated league (all the teams had at least one male on them except for mine). And last year, I conducted an experiment—the all women’s fantasy football league.  This experiment was only a partial success (some women really did get into it, and some did not).  I still felt empty inside after that win too.  So this year, I am conquering the holy grail: I am playing in an ALL MALE league and am the commissioner of a CO-ED league.  

I think that this season has already been a success.  You know in the 12-step program, the first step is acknowledging that you have a problem, or something like that?  Well, that’s what this is.  The first step.  MEN have agreed to join (some approached me) my league—a league with a woman commissioner and women participants.  Already, these men have put their faith in me.  Now, some of you might think that they are just looking at this as an easy win, but I have more faith in my guy friends, and I think they actually think I’ll be competent as a commissioner and won’t lure them into some BS league.  Similarly, playing in the ALL MALE league has already proven that given the right circumstances, men will open up their Alamo to women.  And I don’t need to win it (though that would be nice), but to stay competitive and to prove, for all womankind, that we too can be good fantasy footballers.  My two consecutive championship wins should have proven that already, but I don’t mind the challenge.

I think men are recognizing that these times, they are a changing, and the Alamo would probably be more fun and smell better with some women around anyways.

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