Stick a fork in him…

This has been the “year of done”, let me count the corpses…

1. Randy Moss: How this guy went from the best receiver in the NFL to human teflon hand for passes is beyond me.  The Randy Moss hot potato landed in Tennessee, one of the most undisciplined, dysfunctional and unworthy franchises in the NFL.  It probably doesn’t help that Moss is also somewhat undisciplined and dysfunctional on teams and has proven himself unworthy these days of the “best receiver” moniker.  He was actually decent at the beginning on the season (can we roll the film of the one handed catch against Revis), but has just fallen apart.  He’s being benched in fantasy leagues across the land, and even the Titans don’t trust to put him in on most snaps.  Something tells me that Moss isn’t going to bounce back from this goose-egg of a year.

2. Brett Favre: I can’t say enough about this guy.  He’s a legend.  He will live in the books and the hearts of many mid-westerners for decades to come.  But he died on the field this season.  He broke bones, tore muscles, sprained joints, tendinitis, bleeding jaws, more gray hair.  And even his Wrangler commercials couldn’t save his image from the PR nightmare of the “cock text messages”.  He’s aged more this season than he did in all his time with the Packers.  And not only as a person, as a player.  He isn’t throwing like he used to, he’s wincing before he gets sacked, and as ESPN Sports Nation has said, “He leads the universe in interceptions”.  And just when things couldn’t get worse, he’s too stubborn to go out gracefully and is probably going to have to get dragged off the field next week to put in the mediocre (yet far superior), Jackson.  

3.  Wade Phillips, Brad Childress, Josh McDaniels: I am actually surprised MORE heads didn’t roll this season, but yes, say goodbye to your leaders (don’t worry, you each can watch your team lose your divisions from the comfort of your own home, consider it a blessing).

4. Clinton Portis, Albert Haynesworth: Ok, both the Redskins offense and defense is in shambles, but for these two, done.  Portis barely played a handful of games, riddled with injury one has to wonder if this running back is done, as in career-done.  Haynesworth is a dysfunctional mess (clearly we know he came from the Titans who groomed him for a long career of dysfunctional bad attitudes).  He’s terrible.  He didn’t want to come to training camp.  Then he couldn’t pass the physical tests.  Then he didn’t want to play in the 3-4 defense (or that was actually a recurring theme).  Then he has trouble with the coaching staff (again, recurring).  Then his brother died (very sad), but he missed two games (very suspect).  We won’t let him go because he’s a “trade-able commodity”.  Yup, who wants this fat, lazy, arrogant, overpaid, undisciplined, out of shape problem child.  Yeah, I was thinking the Titans might want him back too. 

5. Kevin Kolb: Technically, he doens’t belong on this list.  He’s too good, still young and very capable of bouncing back.  However, once you get stuck behind McNabb for years then you get out-shined by Vick, maybe you’re just going to be a back-up forever…a lifer.  You’re still very good and Vick takes so many risks, you know you’ll play when he gets injured.  But dude, sucks for you.

I know I’m leaving some people out, I just thought I would only pick on a few at a time 🙂  

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