Nobody’s Perfect (but everyone’s trying to be)

My office gets ESPN magazine for some strange reason.  So an old issue is sitting in the bathroom by the sink.  As I’m washing my hands, I read the headline “Nobody’s perfect, but everyone’s trying” or something like that.  It has Tiger Woods on the front but it couldn’t be more appropriate, given my current situation.

NFL started Thursday games a few weeks back and it has been screwing up my fantasy football mojo ever since.  I am working under a deadline and before I know it, it’s past 5:20 and too late for me to sub in players.  Dammit, I say to myself.  I wanted to sub in Garcon for T.O (who is playing in frigid Pittsburgh this weekend) or Sidney Rice (who is still suffering from hip pain).  This mistake haunts me as Garcon catches pass after pass.  Granted, having Peyton Manning on my team, I do reap some rewards from this, but not nearly enough.  I want more.  

I have a tough match-up this week.  Tough.  Really tough.  This girl beat me in the regular season and I’m looking for payback.  Dwayne Bowe can’t possibly have another 30 point game, can he?  Can the Giants hold Adrian Peterson to just one score and under 100 yards? Please please please Cleveland defense, do not let Fred Jackson run all over you.  All I want is to win.  Revenge would be nice, but a win is what I need, and my mis-step earlier today really has me all worked up.  It’s not like TO or Rice doesn’t have the ability to have a 17 point game, but it’s unlikely.  I needed a big game from my wide receivers this week to make up for Arian Foster going up against the Ravens D.  I needed to make all the rights decisions.  And I didn’t.  And it’s killing me.  Because it’s not enough to have a winning record.  It’s not enough to make the play-offs.  It’s not enough to be #1 in points.  I want it all….doesn’t everyone?

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