Not such a sweet sweet fantasy, baby

My fantasy season is in turmoil.  I have outscored every other team by such a margin that I am up almost 100 points on the next highest scoring team overall.  Yet I can’t seem to win my match-ups.  I have wont two straight now and am really hoping that this week will help my play-off bid.  But I’m going up against a really tough match-up, Adrian Peterson tough. Should be no problem, right?  I mean, I have the makings of, arguably, a dream team.  Just something isn’t clicking.  

And, I made a trade today that I know wasn’t the best for me, but it put the team who I traded with in a good position to make it to the play-offs and beat the favorite.  I mean, it was a fair trade for sure.  As a matter of fact, yahoo in all it’s atrociousness, said the trade was better for me.  Objectively it was fair, and circumstantially, it was fair, but better for the other team involved.  And you know what, I’m totally ok with that.  All is fair in love, war and fantasy football and payback is a bitch.

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