The 7 Spot

Anyone who has known me for any good length amount of time knows at least these two things about me: 1) I’m superstitious and 2) My lucky number is 7.  Next week is when those two things will collide.  I need to avoid the 7 spot.

It’s quite simple: the top 6 teams make it to the play-offs in my 14-team fantasy football league.  Therefore, the 7th team goes home empty-handed.  Well, that may not be true because I’ll likely win the cash prize, absolutely smoking everyone else in total points, so if I land in the 7 spot, I’ll make some money off the deal.  But in general, 6th spot you’re in, 7th is out.  Avoid the 7 at all costs.

However, I’m in a position where, all those who have tie records with me will be playing “easy” match-ups, where I give them about an 80% chance of winning.  I however, have a hard match-up.  This team is a feast or famine type of team.  Other than one or two off weeks where I’ve scored under 80 points, I’ve been pretty consistent, but lately, my team has just had bad luck.  I make all the right moves, all the smart moves, and then the luck isn’t on my side.  It’s like I’m destined to fall in the 7 spot.  It’s my destiny.  I tell myself it’s my punishment for running this league in the first place.  I mean, I love fantasy football, and many of the women in the league are my good friends, but I’ve learned some good lessons from this season.  I’m wiser, and fatigued, like a President who has gone through a rough 4 year term, hair grayed, bags under the eyes, getting criticized, feeling frustrated.  That’s how I feel.  It may be a blessing if I don’t make the play-offs.  First, I’m just so tired right now, I’d love to just call it a season and move on.  Second, my luck just won’t hold up and it’s not like I’ll win the whole thing anyways.  I’ll probably play someone who has a random kicker who scores 20 points and all my running backs will get concussions during the game.  

Last year, I didn’t have the best luck, but it felt like I was destined to win.  It was like what Drew Brees said about the Saints winning the Superbowl last year…things just fell into place.  And that’s how it felt…last year.  This year, I feel like I’m working twice as hard, stressing twice as much and losing twice as fast.  And no, don’t tell me there is a correlation between the amount you fool and fix your team and winning percentages.  I think it’s a lot of luck too.  Maybe the football gods were handicapping me or something since I came into the season as a fairly knowledgeable participant.  Who knows.

This week, I’ll likely eek out a win even though I played against a 40-point Hillis and Vincent Jackson, who was supposed to be my power move this week was in for half a drive before he left the game with a calf injury.  Oh and let’s not forget about Peyton Manning’s two first half interceptions.  Thank goodness the rest of my team is strong enough to pull through.

So we will see next week if my predictions are correct, if destiny will fulfill itself, if I will lose to the feast or famine team, (which famines this week and likely will feast next week) and slip slide into the 7 spot.  Thank you to those teams who have kept it warm and toasty for me.  At least I’ll make a good play-off cheerleader.  And I’m throwing my support behind…..well, I know which team(s) I’m cheering on.  Do you?  If not, it’s probably not you 🙂  Just kidding.  Good luck to all the play-off teams in the final weeks of the fantasy season.  It’s been real.

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