Breaking up is hard to do

LeBron James has prided himself on being a fairly decent human being (and pretty good basketball player), until he decided to screw over Cleveland.  The entire city hates him, wearing a LeBron HEAT jersey is cause for a beat-down, and frankly, the rest of the country isn’t too keen on him either.  All of that attention for what?  So he can decide where he’s going to…play basketball?  Shouldn’t we devoting time to world peace or something?  I suppose that’s neither here nor there…

The fallout from the LeBron break-up with the city of Cleveland is like that of a nuclear bomb.  It left LeBron’s good guy image with all this glow in the dark slime on it.  Now, I’m not from Cleveland, nor do I care very much about where LeBron chose to play (though now the Heat is going to be awesome), but even I could feel it.  I could feel the negativity and hate radiating from the Rust Belt.  And it makes me wonder why parting ways always has to be so painful…

My “boyfriend” friend gives parting gifts when he breaks up with his girlfriends.  I suppose if he wants to break up with me he’ll want to pay for something like my NFL package.  A part of me is enraged that he thinks he can buy me off.  This is his M.O.  I mean, when you give a girl a parting gift, maybe she won’t be so angry at you.  Maybe she’ll think you’re still a good guy.  Maybe she’ll want to be friends and you can keep her on the side if you ever decide breaking up was a mistake.  

This is NOT the situation with Cleveland.  Cleveland is like a crazy bitch who just wants to put all your belongings in a car and setting it on fire like that chick in that movie (you know which one I’m talking about).  There is no parting gift that will ever make this easier.  LeBron could frickin donate enough money to build libraries, homeless shelters, new sporting arenas…and Cleveland will probably just burn it down or poster it with LeBron hate mail.  I guess sports ISN’T like real life after all.  Suddenly, my blog sort of becomes irrelevant….  But don’t worry, I’m not breaking up with you yet, and if I do, some expensive gift will be in the mail.  

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