Crazy pants

“Daly’s game did not reflect the awesomeness of his pants”.  John Daly strikes again in his “comeback” to golf.  Most people know him best for his drinking problems (an Arnold Palmer lemonade/iced tea drink becomes a John Daly if you add vodka), and not necessarily for his strong golf swing (I became familiar with this through his avatar on my old PS2 Tiger Woods golf game), and not necessarily for his passion for fashion.  Daly donned a pair of Paisley pants, which blew in the strong winds at St. Andrews during the British Open today.  Some things never change.

I had a professor in law school who was completely nuts.  We gave her the nickname, “crazy pants”.  I’m also pretty sure she had a few glasses of wine whenever she was grading our assignments…. (later proven by red wine stains on our midterm papers).

Makes me think about reputations, and how fragile they are.  One false move (or many of them) can create something you can’t shake, even if you try to change, and put on a new pair of pants and call it a comeback.  I had an altercation with a very rude and horrible young woman one time in a bar.  She was totally out of line and indeed one of the most repulsive people I have ever met, so naturally I went completely bat-shit crazy on her and in front of a whole bunch of “friends of friends”.  Afterwards, I started to wonder what they thought of me, and if they will ever be able to shake that image from their minds.  Maybe they will even nickname me, “crazy pants”.

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