Introducing our newest blog contributor: Camille Schmidt!

Without the fireworks and excitement of the half-time show, the Superbowl would be just another football game. So Chicks Like Sports Too decided to glam it up for 2013 with someone who knows sparkle and style AND is a sports fan. Camille will be a blog contributor on all things fashion in the sports world, from how the Fab Five changed the basketball uniform forever to best and worst dressed lists. Join me in welcoming her to the community by checking out her own blog at and staying tuned for her first blog post in early 2013.

Now to get to know the newest addition to the Chicks Like Sports Too family, a friendly Q&A with Camille:

CLST: If you could meet one athlete who would it be?

CS: Tom Brady. Not only is he super hot and a fashionable dresser but he’s a Bay Area native, alum of Serra High School, and an excellent quarterback.

CLST: If you could be a professional athlete in any sport, which would it be and why?
CS: If I could be a professional athlete, I would be a pro baseball player, 3rd base. I have a pretty good arm and I have always liked in-field positions so it wouldn’t get boring. Move over, Panda!

CLST: Off the field or court, who is the most stylin’ athlete around?

CS: I’m gonna say Tom Brady is a fantastic dresser. It doesn’t hurt that his wife is supermodel Giselle.
CLST: Complete this sentence with something other than “sports”.
Chicks like ________too.
CS: Chicks like “war movies/mini series” too. I am obsessed with Band of Brothers, the Pacific, and Saving Private Ryan!

We look forward to having Camille join the team. Maybe if we’re lucky, she will just shower us with never-ending pictures of Tom Brady in a tux. A girl can dream, right?

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