When life hands you 30 minutes, skip the lemonade and work out!

I had it all planned out.  Thursday was going to be my three-a-day.  I was going to run at lunch at the Crunch in Redwood City.  Then I was going to make it to a 7pm kettlebell class at Studiomix, then go to Krista’s to make jello shots for the LLS guest bartending event on Friday, then back to Studiomix for Crossmax class at 9.  In my head, that’s how it was going to go. 

In reality, work consumed my day and I had to use my lunchbreak to buy dogfood for Henry.  I left work a little later than expected, missed the bullet train out of Redwood City, got turned around at Caltrain in SF and couldn’t find the bus stop for the 47.  I then found it but was detoured to pick up blue jello at Safeway.  By the time I got to Studiomix, kettlebell class with Kirk was well underway.  I loitered in the back of class for a little before I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I only had 30 minutes before I had to be at Krista’s.  I did some intense workouts on the TRX for 15 minutes, then split my time between going nuts on the spin and rowing machines.  I may have been a little late to the jello shot making party, but it was worth it.  In 30 minutes, I managed to salvage my day and get a decent workout in (and all on my own).  It may not have been the three-a-day I had in mind, but sometimes, time is scarce and you have to do what you can and call it a day.  And be proud that you made the most of the little time you had.

Sidenote: I plan on downright punishing myself this weekend with some brutal beach wind sprints, a hike and two classes. 

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