W.o.w. me if you can.

Wow me.  It’s easier than you think.  That’s because “wow me” stands for “work out with me”.  It’s something I started a while back to get my friends into different kinds of workouts.  I know it can be scary sometimes going into a new gym by yourself.  You don’t know where the water fountains are, you don’t know whether you are supposed to wear your shoes inside the yoga studio then take them off, or walk in from the locker room barefoot… I know, I feel your pain.  And I have the solution.  Work out with me.  

On any given day you can find me: offering a belay at Planet Granite, taking a spin class or running inclines on the treadmill at Crunch, doing rows and spiderman pushups  on the TRX/BOSU ball hybrid class at BodyFi, begging for mercy at Mercury Fitness’ pilates studio, working the front desk and tuck, tuck, tucking in a Dailey Method class, perfecting my eagle pose at Yoga to the People, or just enjoying a run and hike outside through downtown Oakland or in the Berkeley Hills.  My latest and greatest obsession is with Studiomix, a superb one stop shop facility in SF where you can find a rock wall, classes for anything you would want and an awesome and friendly staff.  Plus, they’re brand new and their facilities are amazing.  I’m super excited about the Kettlebell class this Thursday.  I am gonna show those muscle-building boys what this 92 pound chick can do with some weights!

So the W.O.W. me campaign is a way for me to communicate to my friends (and soon to be friends) my whereabouts when I am working out so people can join in and never work out alone again.  When I don’t have time to hit the gym, I send out workouts from my computer that people can do on their own time throughout the day.

Sound good?  Follow me on twitter and like the new Facebook page for details.  

Wow me every day 🙂

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