Reverse the Curse

On the first regular seasons Giants game of the year, I purchased a $10 shirt outside AT&T Park.  It had Brian Wilson’s face on it, styled as a “day of the dead” skull.  I thought it was a pretty sweet shirt and I am short of Giants gear, so I purchased one for me and one for my friend Lauren.  The Brian Wilson injures his pitching elbow.  Out for the season.  

This isn’t the first time this has happened.  It happened with David Wright on the Mets too.  And if it isn’t injury, as soon as I support a player, they get traded or get awful.  I purchased a McNabb Redskins jersey, terrible and no longer a Redskin.  Same thing happened with Carlos Beltran (though honestly, I was never really a fan).  I just received a Timmy Lincecum bobblehead for entering the Giant Half Marathon, and he had a terrible outing against the Phillies.  I named my plants after some Sharks players…the plants are not doing so well but I think the actual players are OK (for now).

Am I cursed?  If so, I’m sorry to all the fans out there.  I mean no harm but I feel like the sports gods are out to get me.  It also never fails that every time I cheer for a random team, they lose.  Well, except for Kentucky this year.  But I’ll give that to the team’s talent and not to the absence of some weird curse.

I need to be rid of this.  Maybe burning some sage?  I’m willing to take suggestions that do not include rooting for Duke, Dallas or the Yanks…

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