Draft 1, done and done.

My first fantasy football draft is done.  It was a very unusual format.  No trades, no pick ups, no setting rosters.  The draft is IT.  Highest scorers from your 9 starting players (QB, RB1, RB2, Flex, WR1, WR2, TE, Def, K)  wins.  So here’s my team:

QBs: Vick, Kolb, Tebow, Grossman

RBs: Foster, Green-Ellis, Wells, M.Bush, A.Dixon, Redman

WRs: Harvin, Ochocinco, Sims-Walker, Branch, A.Armstrong, L.Murphy, TJ Housh, Massaquoi, Gaffney

TE: Finley, Moeaki, Watson

K: Vinatieri, Folk

Def: Bears, Vikings

It was auction for the first 9 players (your nine positions), then snaking.  This is who I got through auction:

Vick: $24

Foster: $34

Green-Ellis: $7

Vinatieri: $1

Bears D: $3

Finley: $5

Ochocinco: $1

Wells: $6

Harvin: $9

My first few picks in snaking (with a 4th pick) were Sims-Walker, M.Bush, Branch, Kolb, Moeaki.

Grade report anyone?

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