The Danger Zone

“How’d you get life insurance, Lana?  Don’t they know you’re in the danger zone?” —Archer (hilarious series on FX…has nothing to do with sports, but everything to do with awesome).

Currently, I’m trying to convince my new job to give me health insurance.  I am on the brink of turning 30 and have signed up for a race where I have to run through 10,000 volt live wires (  I figure I have to get covered before 1) the ridiculous amounts of ribs and beer on my 30th birthday kill me or 2) tough mudder kills me.  These will happen this September/October.  The non-profit’s Board meets once a month, so I figure I don’t have very much time, but I’m aggressively pushing it.  And it’s a good thing because…

Today, I was walking back to the BART from my hair appointment downtown and snap.  I felt an all-too familiar pang under my knee-cap.  I tried to shake it off, I tried to walk it off, I tried to rest.  It eventually diminished enough for me to keep walking to the station, but it worries me.  I am worried that my old ACL/MCL injury is flaring up again and with a vengeance.  My knee knows I’m about to turn 30, am trying to train for this crazy event and find myself without insurance.  My knee has it out for me.  I iced it down when I got home and hopefully my workout tomorrow will not make it worse.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!  Oh, and call Kenny Loggins….

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