A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to SF

It started off like any travel day.  Got dropped off at the Shady Grove Metro stop in DC, took the red line to Metro Center, transferred to Orange to Vienna.  Got off at West Falls Church, took a shuttle to Dulles International Airport.  Bought an 800-page hardcover book about the history of ESPN to read on the plane, and boarded Virgin flight 69 from IAD—> SFO at 10:30am.  

We were flying just over Colorado Springs when an announcement came on that we had some precious cargo on board…the Giant’s World Series Trophy….with its own seat, in first class.  The trophy, along with some of the players, coaches and front office guys were visiting President Obama over the weekend and were coming home to SF on my flight.  The flight attendant said that as a courtesy, the front office guys would walk the trophy down the aisle of the plane and we could take pictures with it.  So I did.  And I even got to try on the championship ring (on my ring finger of course…it was a very romantic moment).  

Something happened on that plane that day.  I’m not a Giants fan.  I will never be a Giants fan.  I wish them well and are happy for their true fans when they win, but I am coming to terms with the fact that I’m never going to fall in love with them.  It’s like a relationship that goes really well and you’re having a ton of fun in, but you don’t see a future of passion.  And at that point, you have to ask whether you’re OK that you’re never going to feel that “head over heels, I need you right now, I can’t live without you, madly, deeply in love with you” feeling.  That’s me and the Giants.  Do I like them?  Yes.  Do I like going to their games?  Yes.  Was I happy that they won the World Series?  Yes.  But they’re never going to be my team.  So as the trophy made it’s way to row 15 where I was sitting, I thought about this.  And yet I was moved.  I was moved by the moment of being next to the trophy, touching the ring, being a part of something that meant so much to so many San Franciscans.  And it was an emotional experience for me.  Because in the end, I may not be a fan of the Giants, but I’m a fan on the game.

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