Waiting for something Amazin’

According to my calculations, the Mets are only 5 games out of the wild card.  They have a series against the World Series Champs next weekend, and I plan to be there to hopefully see them pull out a win.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen the Mets be relevant to the baseball season.  OK, that’s not fair, they’re relevant in the negative sense—in the fact that they’re dysfunctional, went through a very (almost) broke phrase already this season, the owner was lashing out at the only three players worth a damn on the team, and oh yeah, they lose all the time.  

So to continue on my theme of the day: optimism, I’ll go to a game, wear lots of blue and orange, cheer on my boys and hope for the best.  Oh, and let’s beat the snot out of those Gigantes.  You heard me, freakyfranchise.

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