Two lockouts don’t make a right…

So apparently the NBA decided to copy the NFL and join the lock-out fun to ensure that I watch more golf, tennis, and car racing in the coming months (notice my disregard for Oxford getting rid of my favorite comma?).  Here’s the deal though, the NBA lockout looks, at first glance, much more threatening to the existence of a season than the NFL draft did.  The parties are too far apart and an entirely new revenue split and contract structure and salary cap system will have to be negotiated.  

But since the NFL can’t be outdone, apparently, sources say that negotiations have deteriorated and the parties are back to where they were in March, far apart with little hope for resolution.

As sports fans across the free world watch frustratingly as the parties fumble around a resolution and flip the calendars, month by month getting closer to fantasy football draft dates, pre-season games, etc… etc…, one has to wonder…are we going to have a football season at all?  What about basketball?  What does this mean for college players?  Should I be renewing my Sunday Ticket?

In sports, as in life, often we lose hope too easily.  We turn off the TVs when our team is down by a chunk of points and getting embarrassed.  We have the mercy rule to avoid further embarrassment.  We hide our eyes, bury out heads in our hands.  So in this time of darkness, where it looks like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, I am keeping the faith.  We will have a football season.  Ask me in a few months whether we’ll have a basketball season and I’ll see whether my optimism has any staying power.  Hey, just telling it like it is.

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