Bryan Stow (a FreakyFranchise contribution post)

A while back, I asked a friend (and huge Giants fan) to comment on her blog about this incident before I wrote about the incident.  I pretty much agree with everything she said, so I’m just going to paste her post here:  Enjoy and thanks!

Hello chickslikesportstoo, Re Bryan Stow: it’s not sounding good for the guy right now, which is awful.  The whole thing is really scary, not least because I had several friends down there that weekend at Dodger Stadium and it could have been anyone.  I’ve been to one Dodgers game in LA, and I totally talked crap (and they were playing the Cubs!) I am tempted to get all snarky and point out that when these things happen, it always seems to be Dodgers fans committing the violence, but I think that misses the point.  Ultimately, I don’t think it was about sports or baseball or the SF-LA rivalry.  These were sleazy dudes who, had they not done what they did at Chavez Ravine, probably would have done the same thing at a bar, or on the street…and probably for no reason at all.  Violent, drunk idiots no matter what the scene.  What it does show is that the Dodgers org needs to have a much tighter grip on the security/gang situation down there (I’ve heard many reports of how scary the bleachers are at Dodger Stadium, though I’ve never sat in them myself), though now perhaps it will be MLB’s problem (and that’s a whole ‘nother story).  My own takeaway is that I’m incredibly proud that no one seems to have retaliated when the Dodgers came up to SF the following week…I went to two of those games, and if anything, the atmosphere seemed friendlier than usual—Giants fans telling Dodgers fans “You suck dude—but hey, we both like beer, so you’re alright!” (okay, maybe those were just my drunk friends…but still).  I was proud of my team/fellow fans/Bay Area when no one seemed to try to exact revenge on LA fans.  And the Giants org/players/fans raised a lot of money for Bryan Stow and his family, which is wonderful.  So…I guess I have nothing really profound to say, at all, just: some people are really horrible people, but some people are really good people, sports can both drive us apart and bring us together, I like my franchise a whole lot, my friends are drunks, I really wish that Bryan Stow will get better, and BEAT LA. Sincerely, FreakyFranchise

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