Why I Hate the Ravens: Epilogue

I now close with this: 

I hate the Ravens for many reasons.  The biggest reason is probably more personal and illogical than the rest, but is a very important one to many DC Area fans.  

The Redskins have been the franchise in the DC Area for a long time.  And they’re bad.  There’s really no being cutesy and witty.  They’re so dreadful that I used to argue with Browns (and Lions and Rams and now, Niners) fans about whose team is really worse.  They’re so sad that I often shut off games with minutes remaining because it’s too painful to watch them just fall apart in the last few minutes.  I don’t know if it is lack of talent, bad coaching, no real QB, lack of strength at defense, lack of discipline, I don’t know.  It’s painful watching them try to fix it with flashy solutions but to no avail (yes, I’m speaking to you, Shanny and son…do not draft Cam.  Repeat after me….).  And I’ve been a faithful Redskins fan since I moved to Maryland in 1988.  And then the Ravens came to town and stole more than half our fanbase.  Granted, we don’t care about those fans anyways because they were all fair-weather fans and who needs them.  But it sucked.  It still does.—always knowing that the Redskins will lose games and the Ravens will win (in the near future at least).  That I have to hear about the Ravens winning from Ravens fans who used to be Redskins fans, who are now only Ravens fans because the Ravens are good (or they like their uniforms).  The Ravens get all the glory despite the fact that they stole a team from Cleveland, employ murders, have a grab-happy owner and have narcissistic and obnoxious fans.  And the Redskins get to be on the highlight reel at the end of Sportscenter where you show how teams really f-ed it up this week.  

Some people might say that I hate the Ravens because I’m bitter or jealous.  I may be those things, but that’s not why I hate them.  Clearly, I have blogged about my top reasons, and I’m sure there are more (just let me finish this beer). But I hate them for a much bigger reason….ok, I admit it, it’s really because I hate their uniforms 😉

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