Posted in March 2011

You can live without Chaucer and you can live without calculus, but you cannot make it in the wide, wide world without common sense. Grant Hill’s mother

Is Black Just a Shade of Gray?

I heard that there was an ESPN documentary on a few days ago about the Fab Five.  I convinced myself that it was a re-run of 30 for 30 on the fab five, so I purposely missed it.  Then I heard the fall-out.   Apparently Jalen Rose, who was one of the five Michigan basketball … Continue reading

Sacrifice the Youth

Recently, the NFLPA asked those who are entering the 2012 draft to…well…not attend the draft.  They are asking for a rookie boycott in solidarity with the rest of the players union against the owners and league who refuse to compromise their terms of the CBA.  Smells like a lockout to me.  But enough about my … Continue reading

Bracketology 101

The madness is upon us.  Welcome to my favorite season, college basketball tournament time.  Really nothing is better than those first two glorious days of nothing but all basketball all the time.  Best two consecutive days in sports, hands down.  And the couple days before that first game are usually my idea of paradise: brackets … Continue reading

Are we built for the long run?

Yesterday, my friend Sarah and I were talking about my new and completely ridiculous goal of running a half marathon by this October.  I told her that when I run for more than a half a mile my knees hurt (she agreed), my head hurts (she agreed), my muscles felt like they were slowly separating … Continue reading