Day 1: I only ran a mile and I already hate this

I got this crazy idea in my head that I wanted to run this half marathon in October.  I remember how much I used to hate running when I ran track in high school and when I played co-rec soccer.  I hate it.  I get this weird pain where my appendix is supposed to be, my back hurts, my joints hurt, I have asthma and I still suffer from a bad knee due to an old, albeit then minor, ACL/MCL injury from 1998.  I’ve never liked running.  I must be crazy, is all I was thinking as I started my run out on this beautiful day in the Bay Area.

I was also thinking that I’m sure I’m getting stomach cancer or something from having my smartphone which doubled as my ipod clipped to the inside pocket of my running pants.

So I started.  I ran and ran and then realized that I was out of breathe and developing a low grade headache already and I had only been around the block.  Calling myself pathetic, I spit on the ground and ran some more.  I made it to a little over a mile before I gave up and walked to the park to stretch.  I felt like this was going to be a disaster.  How am I supposed to ever run 13 miles?  My body was not built for this.  Is it possible that some people just aren’t meant to be runners?

I like the idea of running.  I like that it keeps you fit. I like that you get to be outside on a beautiful sunny day. I like that there is the possibility that I can run with my dog (though he is very uncooperative).  I like that there are so many people who run competitively in the Bay Area it is like tapping into an entirely different group of people.  

I just have to keep reminding myself that I am not in as good of shape as I used to be and this will take time.  But just run a little every day and it will get easier.  I’m also going to try to eat healthier and work out more frequently when I’m not running.  We’ll see…I tend to give up on things like this easily.  But I haven’t given up yet.

Day 1: 1 mile, 6 minutes

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