It’s not just sports

Chicks like sports too.  That’s the premise behind this blog, right?  You know what chicks also like?  I do.  Here is a list.

1. Movies that aren’t romantic comedies.  Usual Suspects, Shawshank Redemption, Adaptation, Closer, Thank you for Smoking, Inconvenient Truth, Sicko, Best in Show and the Godfathers (one and two only, thank you) are some of my favorites.  I also don’t consider Beautiful Girls a rom-com, and it is also very good.  

2. Real drinks.  Not all women need a bunch of sugar-filled mixers and pink umbrellas in our drinks to make them delicious.  My favorite, bourbon on the rocks with a lime.  Close runner up (and oldie but goodie) Chopin vodka dirty martini with extra olives.  I also like real beer (my favorite are porters)

3. Real food.  Not all women feed on nuts, berries and salads with lite dressing.  I like barbeque, fried food, things with lots of cheese and garlic that are not at all slimming to the figure.  They also usually make a mess while you’re eating them and probably make us look sort of unattractive afterwards.  Here’s another thing about women…most of us don’t really care.

4. Dogs.  We like dogs.  And a lot of us like dogs OTHER than lap dogs.  Henry is the love of my life and he is a stinky, slobbery, 55 pound mutt who loves nothing more than rolling in some mud.

5. Punk, Rock and Metal.  Don’t assume that all women love handsome ballad-singing folk musicians.  We might, but we might also like Black Sabbath.  Yes, that’s right, I’m a perfectly normal person, minimal and socially acceptable piercings, no tattoos, not a drug user and a fairly positive person and like Black Sabbath.  And PS: My coworker is in an awesome band and they are complete bad-asses.

More to come, just wanted to get started on this…

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